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Written By (sagada genuine guides association inc). on Friday, August 21, 2009 | 7:20 PM

This feature aims to help tourists:

  • Create and plan own itineraries
  • Estimate all in expenses
  • Get the best advices to maximize tours

Need to Knows

Familiarize your selves w/ theses:

ITitinerary ETA Estimate Time of Arrival ETD Estimate Time of Departure

GFGuide Fee VHVehicle Hire Damage = another term for expense

IMO In My own Opinion

Are you there for?

  • Adventure? – touring Sagada involves physical preparedness. You will need to hike, walk and do some spelunking.
  • Relaxation? – Shangrila Town, as the word speaks, Sagada is a perfect place to experience a quiet yet pleasing environment. It has a rather cool weather and the freshest of air while surrounded by a scenic view of the mountains.

If you’re looking for both? – You might consider extending your days of stay.

How many days will you allot for your Sagada Visit?

*Note: For those travelling to Sagada via public transport, reaching Sagada will be around lunchtime or later. All itineraries start at 1pm upon arrival.

  • 3 days & 2 nights – majority of tourists visit Sagada with this Set-up
  • 4 days & 3 nights – best itinerary for a Sagada tour (IMO)
  • 2 days & 1 night – possible but not recommended
  • 5 days onwards – you must be there for relaxation

*Note: Day 1 includes Arrival and Day 3 (last day) includes Departure

How many people in the Group?

*Note: the lesser the better

: ideal group = 2-8 pax (IMO)

After finalizing your days of stay

What is your mode of transport?

  • Public – majority of tourists take this option because it is way cheaper.
  • Private Vehicle Hiring – taking Vans for hire that will directly take you to Sagada w/o the hassle of reserving tickets, and making it to on time for the next bus trip.
  • Own vehicle Transportation – total control of time and flexibility in your tours.

*Note: for those reaching Sagada using the public transport, there are sights that are too distant to walk so with a limited time and conservation of energy, it is necessary to include hiring vehicles in your itinerary.

I expect that you already know the sites to visit

*Note: since Sumaging Cave or Cave connection and Bomod-ok falls trek are comparably both tiring activities, it is highly recommended that you avoid doing both at the same day, instead, separate em always.



Since most tourists arrive in Sagada around Lunch time, it is safe to start tours at 1pm

Following the Priority List and the note above, start your tour choosing either

I recommend taking the former.

But if you’re too tired and want a lighter activity, you could visit just the Church compound and the Echo Valley.



If you think you can wake-up very early in the morning after all the activity at DAY 1, you could include a tour at:

to view the rice terraces with a chance to have a glimpse of the sun rising.


proceed to Priority tour schedule, either:

Spelunking (Sumaging = 2-3 hrs) (cave connection = 4-6 hrs) (4 hrs)

*Note: time of tour above includes time getting to the sight and back

I suggest you take

  • Bomod-ok falls trek

first to maximize the daylight and weather.

  • Spelunking is best if done at noon.

For those who are already finished with spelunking or Bomod-ok trekking @ Day 1, take the unfinished activity in the morning.


What’s left in our Priority List now is

But if you want to maximize Echo Valley Tour, you can include the

along with

to form a clustered tour package.

Or you might also want to visit


after lunch,

can be set aside for DAY 3



If you are not that tired and has not done the Kiltepan tour yet.

would be a good activity before departure.


  • Souvenir hunt and Departure.

For those who allotted 4 days for their tours,

What about, visiting what’s left from


at DAY 2 or a visit at




Break fast

Souvenir hunt


After, deciding on where to visit, check the standard guide rates for prices corresponding to your chosen sights.

*Note: There are sights that you will really need to hire vehicles just to get there such as:

Getting to Bomod-ok falls jump point takes 7 kms. alone.

Touring Lake Danum only needs needs a 5 kms road walk.

Check Standard vehicle Hires

*Note: all guide fees and vehicle hires apply per group and not per person. Cave connection and Sumaging Spelunking with more than 20 pax is the only exception.

1 DAY TOUR PACKAGE (GF) – is a shortcut to computing tourists guide fees. Just pay your guide for 1,200 and the guide will take you to any site you wish to visit and provides suggestions to the next sites for 1 whole day.

1 DAY TOUR PACKAGE (GF) – also applies to hiring a vehicle for the whole day for 1,400, the van or jeep (your choice) will take you to any site in a span of 1 whole day.

This package (GF & VH) is very advantageous because you will cover more sites and eases the intensity of your tours while greatly preserving energy.

*Note: 1 day tour prices will increase if your group will exceed 5 pax onwards because another guide will be joining your main guide for the Spelunking activity.

Cave connection fee is excluded in a 1 day tour package meaning, aside from paying 1,200 to the main guide, you will need to pay 400/pax still.

To avoid this, relocate your spelunking activity at DAY 1 or make your mode of pay as per sight.

So much for Guide fees and Vehicle hires, here are other damages:

20/pax – environmental fee paid at the municipal hall

10/pax – pathway maintenance toll at Bomod-ok

Alright, that’s all for the tour fee, you might want to compute for all the expenses in your tour. Here’s a start:

*Caution: prices of the following are mere reasonable estimates.

Transportation = 800 pesos is allocated for a 1 way trip to Sagada from Manila.

Lodging = most lodging charge 150 – 350 per person so its very safe to land on 250 as room rate per person per night.

Foods: this one is really hard to predict, however, meals in Sagada range from 120 – 190 per pax. Safest to say 150 per person.

Determine how much will you be paying for the guide fee, by adding all

Tour Expenses (Total tour Damages / # in the group) =

Transportation (800 * 2 [two way]) =

Lodging (250 * [# of nights]) =

Foods (150 * [# of meals]) =

The key to executing a successful Tour depends on your Tourist guide. Choose well.

If you find this feature very hard to understand, check out our


If you have other questions, email it to

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February 17, 2010 at 11:04 PM

if i hire a vehicle, does it include the guide already?

November 25, 2010 at 11:35 AM

same question.. if i hire a vehicle, does it include the guide already?

ang alam ko oo kasi mentioned na tourist guide fee sa umpisa pa lang.. please clarify?


November 25, 2010 at 11:37 AM

kasama po ba ang paglapit sa hanging coffins or hanggang sight seeing lang mula sa echo valley..

September 2, 2011 at 11:37 AM

NAkita kon sa homepage niyo na pwedeng mag sunrise sa marlboro county, Anung oras po pwedeng magsimula ito kung sakali. at ilang oras po ang tour na ito? We will there for 4 days/3 nights.

March 30, 2015 at 12:10 PM

Hi Everyone,
If theres anyone na magtatravel sa Sagada for April 30(night) to May 03, 2015
Kindly Contact me at 09998875349
Package Includes:
Round Trip Van Transfer to Manila to Sagada
2 Nights Lodging
Town Tour
Falls Tour
Service of a Local Guide
Entrance Fees

Meals are not included

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